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Start Date Start Date: 2010-03-31
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2010-03-31

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Contact Person Contact Person: Ibrahim Abraham
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Address Address: NA, NA, United Kingdom

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Essays are being solicited for a special issue of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion on the timely theme of “religion, finance and ethics”. As the world recovers from the most significant financial crisis since the Great Depression, this special issue of the Bulletin will seek to explore issues of finance and economics as they relate to the academic study of the world’s religions. Of particular interest is the rise of Islamic finance, a topic much discussed by finance industry scholars and practitioners, as well as jurists, but comparatively under-analyzed in the field of religion studies.

Aside from aspects of Islamic finance, topics may include, but are certainly not limited to: religion in the age of financial capitalism; economics and ethical debates within world religions; the ‘prosperity gospel’ in contemporary Christianity; the historical and comparative study of religion and finance; re-evaluating the Weberian thesis; the financial crisis and religious institutions; critical perspectives on teaching finance from faith-based perspectives; religion and alternatives to capitalism.

The CSSR Bulletin is one of the oldest North American publications in the study of religion and has one of the largest circulations of any periodical in the discipline. It has been published by the Council of Societies for the Study of Religion for 38 years. It will move to Equinox in 2010 (volume 39) – with a slight change of title to Bulletin for the Study of Religion.

The Bulletin is committed to showcasing emerging scholarship and debates within the filed of religion studies and related disciplines. Essays are expected to be short and sharp, making critical contributions to the
development of the academic study of religion.

Articles should be 3,000 to 3,500 words long, with a minimum of endnotes and bibliographic references, and composed in Microsoft Word following The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition (2003).


Please e-mail and any inquiries or submissions to:

Ibrahim Abraham,
University of Bristol, UK
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