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2nd Social Media for Pharma Conference

Added by Mwestergaard87 on 2011-02-23

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-06-07
Last Date Last Day: 2011-06-08

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Michele Westergaard
Email Email:
Address Address: Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, United States
Phone Tel: 312-540-3000 ext. 6625
Phone Fax: 312-552-2155

Conference Description:

With the success of our first January 2011 Social Media for Pharma Conference, attendees were able to discuss ways to prepare their social media strategies, while maintaining compliance with the FDA guidance. Now with building blocks set, we want to take this next step and help you implement your social media strategy.

This conference will have a strong focus on what the implementation of social media and will showcase what aspects of social media the FDA pending guidance will regulate. It will provide a framework for how pharmaceutical companies can proactively execute a social media strategy and collaborate, share ideas, report adverse affects and share new marketing insights.

Marcus evans invites C-Level Executives, Managing Directors, EVPís, SVPís, VPís, Directors, Heads and other Senior Executives of:
∑ Social Media
∑ Compliance
∑ Regulatory Affairs
∑ Corporate/General Counsel
∑ Marketing
∑ Legal
∑ Digital Communications/Marketing
∑ Advertising and Promotion

Attending this conference will enable you to:
1. Explore the current social media outlets and trends that can help advance the pharmaceutical industry
2. Understand the pending FDA regulatory guidance for digital media and how it impacts strategy and compliance
3. Integrate an effective social networking strategy into your organization from a business and compliance perspective
4. Realize how social media can improve communication in house and with your targeted audience
5. Address how social media can effectively handle adverse event reporting practices
6. Alleviate risk within the organization when it comes to social media
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