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6th Customer Experience & Retention

Added by ddrey on 2011-02-25

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-05-23
Last Date Last Day: 2011-05-25

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: David Drey
Email Email:
Address Address: 455 N. CityFront Plaza Dr., Chicago, IL, United States
Phone Tel: 312-540-3000 Ext. 6583

Conference Description:

This event will focus more on establishing knowledge management to achieve an outstanding customer experience, distinguishing a ‘one and done’ metric as a clear indicator to get the issues resolved on first call resolution to achieve customer satisfaction. The strong points for this event is to focus more on improving customer experience in a company, utilizing known indicator and metrics to gain insights about customer bahavior, and most importantly to find the right answers that enable them to provide maximal value to customers.

By attending this highly successful 6th Annual event you will gain insight from industry leaders in customer experience and discuss these myriad challenges. By investigating the various strategies and programs for Customer Experience & Retention, attendees will leave the conference with a much stronger understanding of the hidden value of keeping customers happy and how to utilize frameworks, process, infrastructure and culture to better manage customer satisfaction and seize opportunity.
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