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The Ethical Dilemma Faced by Fighting Insurance Fraud

Added by OCPcompliance on 2014-07-25

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2014-07-31
Last Date Last Day: 2014-07-31
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2014-07-31

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: David Jonathan Moses
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Address Address: 38868 Salmon Ter, Fremont, CA, 94536, United States
Phone Tel: 15108575896

Conference Description:

Instructor: Barry Zalma

This webinar highlights the requirement faced by every insurer to actively work to defeat fraud. Most of the states in the United States now have statutes that require the insurer to provide continuous operation of a unit or division to investigate possible fraudulent claims by the insured for services or repairs against the policies held by the insured. If any insurer in this state determines that a fraudulent claim is being made, it must report the case to the Bureau of Fraudulent Claims within 60 days.

If the insurers follow up fraud aggressively as required by the statutes and go wrong, they are sued by the insured. Every suit will allege the tort of bad faith except in those few states that do not recognize the tort. The cost of defense will approach, and often exceed, $500,000. If they do not pursue fraud aggressively and establish an effective anti-fraud program, government investigators will punish the insurer for failure to comply with anti-fraud statutes and Regulations. The webinar will assist insurers' anti-fraud personnel to avoid the dilemma.

Why Should you Attend:
This webinar highlights the requirement to perform a thorough insurance fraud investigation when an insurance claim is being made and report the results of that investigation to the appropriate authorities. It also highlights the danger of an erroneous claim of fraud where there is insufficient evidence to prove fraud.

The webinar should be attended by those who are involved in the investigation and adjustment of insurance claims and who are defined as integral anti-fraud personnel. This webinar will also give good insights to Claims Handlers, Underwriters, Agents, Policy handlers, Call center staff, Legal staff or other employees, who perform similar duties.

Objectives of the Presentation:
The statutory requirements.
Investigation of potential insurance fraud.
The ethical dilemma caused by investigation that raises suspicion of fraud.
The ethical dilemma caused by investigation that establishes insurance fraud.
The essentials of a fraud investigation.

Who can Benefit:
Insurer Claims Executives
Insurer claims representatives.
Independent Insurance adjusters.
Insurer SIU investigators.
Insurance coverage lawyers.
Insurance claims lawyers.
Insurance agents and brokers.
Operational Risk Managers.

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