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Justmeans Certification Consumption and Change Conference | Washington DC, 5.24

Added by justmeans on 2011-04-04

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-05-24
Last Date Last Day: 2011-05-24

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Contact Person Contact Person: Chip Wood
Email Email:
Address Address: 529 14th St. NW, Washington, DC, 20045, United States
Phone Tel: (650) 291-0423

Conference Description:

Certification, Consumption and Change Conference in Washington, DC, May 24 ton-DC

The National Press Club
529 14th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20045

The Certification Consumption and Change Conference will bring together 150 thought leaders from social enterprises, leading brands and certifying bodies for a day of thought-provoking panel discussions concerning the future of certification. Join senior executives responsible for ethical trade management, marketing, supply chain, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

You'll discover the trends that are reshaping the face of certification, engage in lively debate with academics and practitioners, examine innovative case studies and contribute to the discussion that will define certification in the 21st Century.

Registered attendees include social enterprises, leading brands and certifying bodies including the USDA, FSC, Green Seal, Marine Stewardship Council, Starbucks, Walt Disney and many others.

Ethical Certification: Still Authentic if Corporate-led?
Have the interests of corporations caused labeling organizations to lose focus? Does the increased reach that ethically certified brands provide equally benefit the corporation and their producer partners? Panelists debate the so-called corporatization of ethical labeling.

Certification Success Stories: Case Studies in Diamonds, Chocolate and Coffee
What strategies have some of the leading companies used to push the frontier of ethical certification? How is success defined and measured? What enforcement mechanisms are used to ensure compliance?

Ethical Labels in the Public Ethos: More False Hope?
Does the public have false expectations of what labeling initiatives are capable of achieving? Is the marketing of labeled products creating false perceptions? How can companies and labels minimize exposure to risk?

How many Labels are Enough?
Who gets to decide what makes a product green? How can consumers, companies and other stakeholders differentiate between competing claims? How will the eco-label field reconcile itself to these trends and evolve into the next decade?

Proving Impact: How the Data Story is Improving
Why has impact been so difficult to prove? What are instances of success? How is technology improving this field? Where is the quantitative data regarding impact lacking and what trends drive improvement?

Should Certifications Compete or Collaborate to Raise the Standard?
Organizations, companies and consumers alike are questioning the differences between the various standards that compete. Are we moving towards a smaller number of stronger global standards or continued fragmentation?

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Chip Wood
VP Conferences
(650) 291-0423
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