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The Umayyads: History, Art and Culture in the First Century of Islam

Added by admin on 2011-05-21

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-06-24
Last Date Last Day: 2011-06-25

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Contact Person Contact Person: Andrew Marsham
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Address Address: Minto House, 20 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Conference Description:

The Umayyads (AH 41132/ 661750 CE) were the first great Islamic dynasty. Under their rule, the Islamic polity was transformed from a loose military confederation into a world empire.

Enduring foundations were laid for such fundamental aspects of the nascent civilisation of Islam as politics, art, architecture and religious dogma. At the same time, the Umayyad period was one of great cross-cultural influence, appropriation and experimentation, and the dialogue between Muslims, Christians and Jews that lay at the heart of cultural life in this period gives it further resonance in todays world. In the last two decades, fresh insights into the Umayyad past have been opened up through new methods in historical research and archaeology, as well as by asking new questions using existing sources and methods. This makes it possible to understand this defining moment of world history in unprecedented breadth and depth and from entirely new perspectives.

The aim of the present conference is to revisit the Umayyad era history, art and culture in the light of recent research, and to stimulate reflection on the representation of this past in the modern world.
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