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Global Conference on Global Warming 2009

Added by admin on 2009-07-18

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2009-07-05
Last Date Last Day: 2009-07-09
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2009-05-25

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Global Conference
Email Email:
Address Address: Darulaceze Sokak No. 9 Sisli, Istanbul, 34000, Turkey

Conference Description:

The primary themes of the conference are global warming and climate change, not only in engineering and science but also in all other disciplines (e.g. ecology, education, social sciences, economics, management, political sciences, and information technology). It covers a broad range of topics on energy and environment policies, energy resources, energy conversion technologies, energy management and conservation, energy security, renewables, green technologies, emission reduction and abatement, carbon tax, sustainable development, pollution control and measures, policy development, etc. Therefore, papers on related topics are solicited from all relevant disciplinary areas, ranging from current problems, projections, new concepts, modeling, experiments and measurements, to simulations. The topical areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Acid precipitation
* Aerosols
* Atmospheric changes
* Biofuels and alternatives
* Carbon sequestration
* Carbon tax
* Clean technologies
* Climate change and heath issues
* Climate change modeling and simulations
* Climate networks (oceans, regions, forests, etc.)
* Climatic events
* Coupled ocean-atmosphere system
* Deforestation
* Earth sciences
* Ecology
* Ecosystem and biodiversity
* Energy policies and strategies
* Energy quality and security
* Energy technologies
* Engineering tools
* Environment policies and strategies
* Environment quality and security
* Environment technologies
* Environmental education and training
* Exergy
* Food and agriculture
* Forestry
* Global earth observations
* Global economics
* Global environment
* Global policies
* Global warming modeling and simulations
* Green design and manufacturing
* Green energy
* Greenhouse gases
* Human health and welfare issues
* Hurricanes and catastrophic events
* Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies
* Hydrological cycles
* Information technology
* Life Cycle Assessment
* Measurement techniques and data management
* Nuclear energy and technologies
* Oceans and global warming
* Policy and strategy development
* Renewables
* Smog
* Solid and municipal wastes
* Space and atmospheric applications
* Stratospheric ozone depletion
* Sustainable development
* Sustainable environment and health
* Thermal pollution
* Urban and regional planning
* Volcanoes and volcanic events
* Waste management
* Water and water issues
* Weather forecasts and scenarios
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