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Nuclear Power Plant Operations Fundamentals

Added by arhodes on 2009-12-29

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2010-03-29
Last Date Last Day: 2010-03-30

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Amber Rhodes
Email Email:
Address Address: Sheraton Brussels Place Rogier 3 1210, Brussels, Belgium
Phone Tel: 303-770-8800x270
Phone Fax: 303-741-0849

Conference Description:

The Nuclear Power Plant Operations Fundamentals course provides a detailed explanation of electrical generation and operations of these sophisticated facilities in the rejuvenated nuclear power industry. Nuclear power is having a renaissance due to a confluence of factors including global warming, the cost and supply reliability of oil, issues involving coal and greenhouse gases, and the safety record and superb operational performance of nuclear units. Those factors and improved political climates have resulted in many utilities investigating construction and operation of new nuclear power plants. Additionally, significant attention is being given to improving capacity, increasing efficiency, and extending the operating life of existing nuclear power plants. New technologies improving efficiency and safety are being introduced at a rapid rate. Understanding the technology and operations of a nuclear facility can assist employees and service providers, such as vendors, attorneys, and contractors, in comprehending the nuclear energy system and improve operations and support.

This course will review the status of nuclear power throughout Europe and the world. It addresses the events and forces that have influenced, and continue to influence, commercial nuclear power. To better understand how reactors generate power we will explore the nuclear force and binding energies and fissile vs. fertile nuclear materials. Pressurized and boiling water reactor systems design and operations will be discussed. Additional topics include the nuclear fuel cycle, the uranium enrichment and reprocessing controversies, radioactive wastes including spent nuclear fuel storage, spent fuel transportation, nuclear plant safety, and performance indicators demonstrating excellent operations. This course will help personnel involved in the nuclear energy industry to have a clear understanding of nuclear power plant operations and the challenges of tomorrow.

Topics include:

* Historical survey of nuclear power
* Basic nuclear physics
* Radioactivity and radiation protection
* Basic principle of nuclear reactor core operation
* Nuclear safety
* Designs and functions of PWRs and BWRs
* Generation III reactor designs and operations
* Balance - of - Plant considerations
* Generation IV reactors
* Nuclear power and the environment
* The nuclear fuel cycle: From uranium mining to spent
fuel management, including re-processing
* Nuclear fuels storage and transportation
* Nuclear waste management
* Nuclear power in the world: Status and prospects
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