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2nd Annual International Conference on Mobile Communications, Networking and Applications (MobiCONA 2012)

Added by gstf on 2011-07-14

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2012-06-18
Last Date Last Day: 2012-06-19
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2012-02-17

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Conference Secretariat
Email Email:
Address Address: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903, Singapore, Singapore
Phone Tel: +65 6327 0166
Phone Fax: +65 6327 0162

Conference Description:


The advances in mobile communications, networks and applications have released immense possibilities in areas as diverse as our daily activities, military, medical care, hospitality and tourism, logistics as well as media and entertainment. The new landscape has enabled the realization of intelligent environments where people can communicate with each other through various types of networks and systems anytime everywhere. These technologies provide organizations with an aggressive competitive edge as employees can now work more effectively in a wider range of environments.

The MobiCONA conference is dedicated to addressing the challenges in the areas of mobile computing and wireless and mobile networking. The conference serves as an active international forum in addressing networks, systems, algorithms, and applications that support the symbiosis of mobile computers and wireless networks. The conference covers on all issues in mobile computing and wireless and mobile networking at the physical layer, the link layer, the network layer and the application layer. We welcome researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in the latest development and design of wireless systems to exchange ideas and recent research work on all aspects of wireless communication networks.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Mobile computing
and wireless networking
Solutions to low power and energy limitations
Design, implementation, and evaluation of
wireless systems and mobile applications
Algorithms / models for wireless networks and
mobile applications
Measurements and performance evaluation
of mobile and wireless networks
Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks
Multimedia over Wireless
Next Generation Mobile Networks
Wireless LANs and Wireless PANs
Wireless mesh networks
Cellular data networks
Delay-tolerant networks
Mobile ad hoc networks
Personal area networks
Vehicular networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
Smart Wireless Sensors
Ad hoc Networks
Wireless Security
Wireless IP networks
Seamless Mobility in Cellular Networks
Satellite-based Systems
Wireless QOS
Coding and Modulation
Wireless and Mobile applications
Wireless sensor network architectures
Semantic wireless sensor networks
Security and privacy in wireless sensor
actuator networks
Wireless Emergency and Security Systems
Broadband mobile communication systems
Wireless technologies for sensors
Transmitters and receiver components
Bluetooth technologies
Developments in RF
Home networks
Mobile intelligent networks
Security aspects
Mobile intelligent networks
Mobile Computing Devices
Peer to Peer Tuning

Vehicular Networks
QOS in Networks
Localization in Ad-hoc Networks
Convergence issues
3G/4G Networks
Wireless Communications
Space-Time, UWB, MIMO and Adaptive Antennas
OFDM, CDMA and Spread Spectrum
Modulation, Coding and Diversity
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
Channel Model and Characterization
Multi-Hop and Cooperative Communications
Interference Cancellation and MUD
Radio Resource Management and Allocation
Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio
Satellite & Space Communications
Multimedia Communications
Multiple Access Techniques
Optical Communications Network Technologies
Wireless & Mobile Networking
Wireless Sensor Networks
Cognitive Radio Networks
Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking
Networking and Information Security
Network Protocol and Congestion Control QoS
Mobility, Location and Handoff Management
Capacity, Throughput, Outage and Coverage
Multimedia in Wireless Networks
Optical Networks and Systems Services
and Application
Emerging Wireless/Mobile Applications
Context and Location-Aware Wireless Services
Wireless Telemedicine and E-Health Services
Intelligent Transportation Systems
RFID Technology and Application
Cognitive Radio and Sensor-Based Applications
Content Distribution in Wireless
Home Environment
Service Oriented Architectures, Service Portability
SIP Based Services, Multimedia and Middleware
Innovative User Interfaces for Multimedia Services
Communications Software and Services
Mobile Computing Systems
Social networking applications
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