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The First Global Convention of European Studies

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Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2012-06-21
Last Date Last Day: 2012-06-23
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2012-03-15

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: NA
Email Email:
Address Address: TBD, Prague, Czech Republic

Conference Description:

Euroacademia aims to bring together a wide and worldwide network of academics, researchers, practitioners and activists that identify their concerns and practices with the generic field of the European Studies. Contested in epistemological terms as an autonomous field, the European Studies generated however starting the 20th century disciplinary and inter-disciplinary scientific communities, particular interests, methodologies and puzzles, schools, specializations, interests and academic events that indicate a dynamic framing of its particular identity.

The First Global Convention of European Studies aims to bring in an open floor for discussions, debates, reflection and sharing the features, topics, puzzles, methods, trends, schools and heresies within the field of European Studies. It searches to address its identity as a field of studies through providing a framework for researches and practitioners to present their certitudes and dilemmas, their topics and inquiries, their claims and counter-claims that bring to live the European specificity of exposing itself to constant constructive criticism and reevaluation.

The First Global Convention of European Studies starts from the assumption that in the 21st Century, Europe preserves its long-lasting saliency for researchers and practitioners, that specific dynamics of change and/or resistance to change inside Europe influences contemporary manners of addressing social, political, cultural or any other type of reflection. However, the formation of the European Studies as a more or less autonomous field for research relied and often still does on substantial conceptual imports from a wide variety of established fields and often of non-European provenience. These imports and the specific way of reshaping the research apparatus opened the way for both assertive attitudes and contestation. It is the aim of The First Global Convention of European Studies to create an opportunity for assessing the state of the art today, the pros and the cons, the added value and also the question marks that might strengthen or weaken the profile of European Studies as a distinctive field.

The conference is opened to the widest variety of topics understood or perceived as being connected with the field of European Studies from meta-analytical views, to on-going puzzles, methodological proposals and/or assessments, specific topics, issues or shared experiences. The First Global Convention of European Studies aims also to become a meeting point and an opportunity for dissemination, valorization, socialization, contact making and research agenda shaping that will to generate a future collaborative framework for all those involved in understanding Europe in its past, present and future dimensions. The First Global Convention of European Studies is intended as a pretext to provide a dialogical opportunity and experience for all the participants to address and express their views, works, puzzles or criticisms regarding the state of the art and the specific concerns for European Studies today.
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