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Labor Standards Act: Are Your Employees Properly Classified?

Added by OCPcompliance on 2015-12-01

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Start Date Start Date: 2015-12-09
Last Date Last Day: 2015-12-09
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2015-12-08

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Address Address: 38780 Tyson Lane, Apt 210, Fremont, California, 94536, United States
Phone Tel: 15108575896

Conference Description:

Labor Standards Act: Are Your Employees Properly Classified?

Fair Labor Standard Act
Instructor: Vanessa G Nelson
Product ID: 501165
Level: Intermediate

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay all employees at least a minimum wage and provide overtime pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek. However, the FLSA permits employers to treat employees in certain positions that meet specific requirements as exempt from overtime coverage under the law. In general, the FLSA's exemptions apply to executives, administrators, professionals, and computer technicians.

Objectives of the Presentation
Overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act
Exempt vs. non-exempt criteria
How to appropriately deduct pay from an exempt employee for suspensions, furloughs, etc.
What to expect and how to prepare for an FLSA inspection
Overview of Independent Contractor versus employee
Misclassifying workers as independent contractors
Penalties and consequences for non-compliance
Trivia Questions and Examples

Why Should you Attend
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases have hit a new record high and continue to rise. A record breaking 8,126 FLSA suits were filed in Federal courts in the last year. All in all there has been an increase of FLSA claims of over 400% since the year 2000.

Recently, President Obama signed a presidential memorandum authorizing the Labor Department to examine changes that would expand the number of employees eligible for overtime pay. Why? Businesses are classifying all kinds of employees as professional or administrative-including some who make as little as $23,660 a year-thereby exempting them from overtime requirements under current law. Penalties for non-compliance with FLSA's exemption provisions can include, Payment of back wages, Fines of $10,000 and Imprisonment. This should serve as a wakeup call to employers to make sure they are compliant with the FLSA law.

Who can Benefit
Business Owners
HR Consultants and Representatives
Anyone who is responsible for administering FMLA

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