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IDC Asia/Pacific Cloud Conference 2011: Cloud 2.0 (Hong Kong)

Added by cmak on 2011-10-09

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-11-22

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Cherie Mak
Email Email:
Address Address: The Mira Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Phone Tel: +852-2905-4230

Conference Description:

As cloud technologies and services have matured and user understanding of their capabilities improved, likewise the position of cloud in the market has changed. Initially seen as a discrete and interesting set of technologies with which to address specific technology and some business issues, it is clear to IDC that cloud is now moving from disruptive technology to mainstream business enabler - cloud will no longer be an IT operations matter, but an innovation in business service delivery.

By 2015, cloud technologies and services will not exist on a discrete basis, but will be integrated into every facet of business service delivery. At that stage, IT executives will be asked to manage a hybrid environment of on-premises, outsourced, managed and cloud-sourced services. On the surface, not much is different to 2011, except that all services will be based upon virtualized, standardized and scalable platforms.

As the organization embarks on this journey to the hybrid cloud, it is imperative that any new projects are planned and executed in such a way as to take advantage of current and emerging cloud technologies and services.

IDC's Asia/Pacific Hybrid Cloud 2015 event looks forward to the likely scenarios for the use of cloud technologies in 2015 and explores the essential steps in future-proofing IT infrastructure and applications. It will provide guidance on each of the essential steps towards a hybrid cloud environment: How to plan, design, implement, integrate and, ultimately, manage tomorrow's hybrid cloud environment.
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