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3-hr Virtual Seminar: Effective Preparation for Audits and Inspections in a Regulated Environment

Added by Referral on 2011-10-13

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-11-17
Last Date Last Day: 2011-11-17

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Referral
Email Email:
Address Address: 2600 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, California, 94303, United States
Phone Tel: +1-650-620-3915
Phone Fax: +1-650-963-2556

Conference Description:

This webinar will teach specific techniques to ensure your organizations are ready for regulatory inspections. We will focus on ideas that will help identify areas of improvement before the formal inspection occurs. Further, you will learn techniques that will enhance your effectiveness during the audit execution. We will also examine applicable warning letters and 483s so that your company doesn’t make the same mistakes as other organizations. By building compliance into every aspect of your operation, you can concentrate on getting more quality product out the door.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

- Understand the basis for regulatory audits.
- Review the most likely areas for scrutiny.
- Establish effective systems that will pass inspections with ease.
- Learn how to defend your work practices in front of auditors.
- Develop self-audits that reduce the chances for FDA scrutiny.
- Rehearse effectively for regulatory audits.
- Direct audits to your strengths while minimizing weaknesses.
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