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Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia

Added by ritap on 2011-11-23

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2012-02-20
Last Date Last Day: 2012-02-23

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Rita Parasurum
Email Email:
Address Address: Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Shanghai, 239693, China
Phone Tel: 6565082482
Phone Fax: 6565085407

Conference Description:

CELL LINE DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERING ASIA brings together experts and top scientists from biopharmas, biotechs, CMOs and research institutes as well as leading technology providers from Asia and globally. The regionís 1st and ONLY focused Cell Line Development and Engineering Asia provides a forum where industry experts share lessons learned through case studies, strategic discussion groups and interactive roundtables to collectively collaborate and provide solutions to your most pressing challenges. Bring back new ideas to do better business.

Key themes and issues include:
1.Examining the Business and Regulatory Landscape
2.Cell Line Development Approaches for Biosimilars
3.Addressing Timeline Bottlenecks in Development
4.Implementing Successful Cell Line Strategies
5.Screening and Automation, Clone Selection, Expression and Cell Line Stability
6.Optimizing Process Development

Why You Should Attend:
1.Asiaís first and only conference focused on Cell Line Development and Engineering from the same company with established events bringing together cell line experts in US and Europe
2.Hear from and personally meet experts in cell line development and engineering as they provide latest updates and case studies to learn and draw new opportunities from
3.Featuring case studies from biopharma, research institutes and biotechs to review available technologies, products and suppliers and to discuss cost effective and quality process development
4.The most comprehensive event highlighting key challenges in cell line development and engineering including best practices, improving cell banking , optimising selection process and subsequent cell line development, IP and regulatory issues
5.Practical how-to workshops from regional and global experts
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