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Start Date Start Date: 2017-11-07
Last Date Last Day: 2017-11-11

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Contact Person Contact Person: Sergio Muñoz
Email Email:
Address Address: Centro Banamex, Conscripto 311, Colonia Lomas de Sotelo, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, 11200, Mexico
Phone Tel: +52 55 1087 1650

Conference Description:

The Mexican plastics industry has had a positive performance in 2015, and continues to do so in 2016; consumption and production increased by 8.8% and 7.7% respectively.

Exports are still on the rise, exceeding 1.7 million tons, representing 33% of global production. Although low oil prices could undermine this favorable trend, members of The National Association of Plastics Industries (ANIPAC) are currently analyzing the past, present, and future state of the industry to develop genuine and cost effective strategies.

Plastic exports have been growing in recent years, and as a result, PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2017 looks ahead to provide new and better business opportunities to this ever growing sector, which develops cutting-edge solutions, furthering the progress of countless industries.

PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2017 will feature approximately 870 companies from over 25 countries, presenting the latest technology, products, and processes, aimed at a variety of sectors, to more than 30,000 attendees looking for new and innovative solutions for their businesses.

Time: 2:00 pm - 2:00 am

Exhibition entry: Free
International Conference Program Combo: USD 400
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