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2nd International Conference of Mediterranean Worlds: The Mediterranean of the Myths, the Myths of the Mediterranean

Added by admin on 2010-03-04

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2010-06-03
Last Date Last Day: 2010-06-06
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2010-03-20

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Dr. Ozlem Caykent
Email Email:
Address Address: NA, Istanbul, Turkey

Conference Description:

An international conference organized by the Department of History of the Eastern Mediterranean University & Department of Historical and Social Sciences of the University of Salerno & Department of History of Istanbul Sehir University.

The idea, and the ideal, of 'Mediterranean' have always been hotly debated. From the Pirennian disruption of Mohammed (vis-ŕ-vis Charlemagne), via the Braudelian concept of unity in the long durče, to the more recent ecological and geographical approaches of Horden and Purcell, 'Mediterraneanism' (the peculiar characteristics that the cultures living around the Mediterranean had, and still have, in common), has stimulated and perplexed the scholarly mind. Historians in particular are often on the lookout for unity, distinctiveness and connectivity binding together peoples, cultures and imaginaries, inhabiting its coastlines. The 'Mediterranean world' therefore, traversing different historical periods, has given rise to an impressive volume of extraordinary interpretations, life-world strategies, and symbolic constructions. Such activity manifests itself in the remarkable literature, art, philosophies, religions, archaeological readings, political theories and economic practices, of the region.

The conference organisers seek thought-provoking papers exploring the mythological, symbolic and ideational peculiarities of the 'Mediterranean world' across these different historical periods. We invite participation in an interdisciplinary conference, revolving around the following themes:

- Byzantium and the Mediterranean: Myth or reality?
- The Mediterranean as the “Ottoman Territorial Sea”: Myth or Reality?
- The Ottomans in the Mediterranean: Violent Encounters vs. Peaceful Interactions
- The Contestation of Identities: Gender, ethnic, regional
- Memory and Dream: Writing, reading, imaging, tuning the Mediterranean Myth
- Mapping the Mediterranean: Soft centres and shifting borders
- Archaeological readings: Urban and suburban Legends within the Mediterranean 'Poliad' vocation
- Childhood Memories

Additional Notes
- The official languages of the conference are English and Turkish.
- All participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses and schedules.
- The participants will NOT be charged with any registration fee.
- The conference venue will be in Istanbul.

Abstract submissions: 20 March 2010
Notification of acceptance: 1 April 2010
Full paper submissions: 20 May 2010

Organising Committee
- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ozlem Caykent, Department of History, Eastern Mediterranean University
- Assist Prof.Dr. Luca Zavagno, Department of History, Eastern Mediterranean University
- Prof. Dr. Claudio Azzara, Department of Historical and Social Sciences, University of Salerno
- Dr. Giuseppe D'Angelo, Department of Historical and Social Sciences, University of Salerno
- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kallek, Department of History, Istanbul Sehir University
- Assist. Prof. Abdulhamit Kirmizi, Department of History, Istanbul Sehir University

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