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Information Security Management (Mini Master)

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Start Date Start Date: 2018-02-01

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Contact Person Contact Person: Anke Maas
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Address Address: xxx, Tilburg, Netherlands
Phone Tel: +31 (0) 40 246 02 20

Conference Description:

Information Security Management a unique European Program on Information Security Management
The 6-day Information Security Management Mini Master is realized in a collaborative effort of leading business schools, top practitioners and EuroCIO, and offers the required knowledge for Chief Information Security Officers to excel in their work environments. The Mini Master is part of the education portfolio of EuroCIO to foster European ICT professionalization. The program is compliant with the EU e-Competence Framework and provides you with insights into the most important aspects of Information Security Management, in particular related to leading and managing organizational Information Security activities.

The program has a managerial focus and provides all the hands-on skills you need to start or improve your career as a professional Information Security Manager. Leading European business schools combined their expertise in a unique cooperation to ensure a top-level program. The high quality of your fellow participants ensures access to top-level networking opportunities. You will benefit from a high potential, motivated group of talented and experienced individuals to further deepen your learning experience and enhance your knowledge and skills.

Information Security Management for you!
The Mini Master Information Security Management is intended for professionals who operate at a management level or have management level aspirations. Positions held by participants include those of (Corporate) Information Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), IT Consultant, IT Auditor, Business Analyst, Service Delivery Manager, IT Department Manager, Security Manager, and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Manager. The participants are active in various types of organizations, such as consulting and auditing firms, IT service suppliers, manufacturing, healthcare and governmental organizations.

Information Security Management learning objectives
This high-level Information Security Management course will facilitate you to become an intermediary between top management, the IT department and operational units within your organization with regard to Information Security. The Mini Master Information Security Management allows you to:

- develop Information Security and risk management strategies and policies suited to your organizational needs;
- set up Information Security and risk management processes, and embed them in other corporate processes to ensure good governance;
- raise Information Security awareness and determine what Information Security measures need to be taken;
- ensure that organizational and procedural-based security measures are designed and managed, taking into account all legal, business and user aspects;
- use design principles to ensure secure systems and develop security architectures; and
- constructively collaborate with technical Information Security experts and harmonize policies, operational activities and Information Security IT aspects.

After completing this program you have further developed these professional skills.
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