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Accredited Security Manager Training 2012

Added by clinicaltrialforum2012 on 2012-03-02

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2012-04-09
Last Date Last Day: 2012-04-20

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Dan Bacunawa
Email Email:
Address Address: 1/70-71 Phaholyothin 40, Phaholyothin Road,, Senanikom, Jatujak, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand
Phone Tel: +66 2940 2483 ext 215
Phone Fax: +66 2940 2484

Conference Description:

This very popular and comprehensive programme successfully completed by hundreds of security managers from many of the world’s most famous and most successful companies is designed for security managers, coordinators and their equivalents, who wish to gain a thorough understanding of how to manage security within a corporate environment. Suited equally for existing security managers and those newly appointed from police or military or business backgrounds, the course will enable delegates to use a range of risk management and security design tools to enhance their organization's ability to protect its assets.
Security Risk Management
Risk management as a cross-functional business tool; security risk analysis; identifying assets; asset systems and asset contexts; determining probability based on quantitative and qualitative scales; measuring direct and consequential impact; risk mitigation
Security Operations Management
The main roles of the security manager; operating a cost-effective security department; creating a return on investment; effective management skills for the security manager; creating proactive security programmes; security reporting chains; service level agreements to manage contracted services
Security Policies and Procedures
Alignment of security to business processes; creating board-driven security management; devising, drafting and implementing security policies and procedures.
Security Design
The components of a security system; the 18 principles of security design; the security environment; creating risk-commensurate security; balancing risk and protection; integrat-ing security into the business environment; selling security to management; creating crime prevention through good security design
Physical and Electronic Security
Creating a perimeter to deny, detect, deter, deflect and demark; balancing delay, detection and response to perimeter intrusions; creating layered security, perimeter fencing options, costs, drawbacks and benefits; perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS); off-site and on-site monitoring of PIDS; CCTV as a perimeter protection means; pe-rimeter lighting; perimeter patrolling; the key requirements of a high-risk site perimeter; securing buildings against internal and external crimes; methods of illicit entry into buildings; the key requirements of working hours protection; the key requirements of quiet hours protection; protecting the building shell using physical and electronic means; protecting the building interior using physical and electronic means; Internal patrolling; building intrusion detection systems (BIDS); point alarm systems and electronic article surveillance; internal CCTV
Access Management
The key aims of access control; access management systems design and application; preventing unauthorised access; preventing unauthorised removal of property; badging and identification systems; biometric access management systems; key control systems and best practice; entry and exit searching policies and practice; applying the need-to-go principle; access management compartmentalization.
Workplace Crime Prevention
The factors which might motivate an employee to commit an internal crime; the common traits of an employee thief; application of Felson's Routine Activity Theory; the applica-tion of situational crime prevention; social crime prevention overview; crime prevention through environmental design; reducing exposure to burglary; developing a corporate crime prevention programme.
Introduction to Security Surveying
Security surveys, reviews and audits; sequencing a security survey; security surveying options; peer surveys; pre- and post- survey tasks; survey report writing; presenting sur-vey results to the Board
Manpower Selection and Deployment
Manpower selection, deployment and span of control; lines of responsibility and reporting; personnel specifications and job descriptions; background screening; dealing with disciplinary infractions
Leadership and Motivation
The principles of effective leadership; common behavioural and skill characteristics inherent in successful business leaders; application of recognized successful business lead-ership and motivational techniques; motivating the security team; leading meetings; delivering management presentations

Highlight Topics
Accredited Security Manager – Stage 2 (April 09 - April 20, 2012)
How to implement security risk management and loss prevention programs that will make a quantifiable contribution to organizational loss reduction goals?
Accredited Security Manager – Stage 3 (May 07 - May 18, 2012)
How to formulate security policy and manage security programs at a regional and corporate level?
Ø Accredited Security Manager – Stage 1 (June 11– 22, 2012 )
How to Manage Security within an organization whether you are experienced or no experienced Security Manager. This is the most popular security course in the world successfully completed by hundreds of delegates.

Bob Knights
Bob Knights MBE MSc CPP is an associate trainer with ARC training, specialising in the delivery of the university accredited security management range of courses. During his full and distinguished career in the Police Service, Bob was acknowledged as the forerunner in promoting the concept of fusing an academic and practical approach to asset protection, designing out crime and implementing security management. He achieved his Master’s Degree with Distinction in Security Management in 1996. In the same year he was made an MBE in recognition for his services to the Police Service and designing out crime. This expertise has been reflected in various appointments and offices including Chair of the Association of Chief Police Officers Crime Prevention Technical Committee; Chair of the Designing Out Crime Association (UK); the National Arson in Schools Working Group and as Associate Consultant to the Building Research Establishment.

Recognised at both national and international level, the Principal is an acknowledged expert in many aspects of designing out crime, environmental design, risk management, security strategy, security policy preparation and training. He lectures frequently in locations spreading from Canada, Europe and Bahrain to Japan.

This workshop will be of broad interest to individuals managing security, especially:
* Security Directors *Security Managers
* Building Owners * Security Training In charges
* Facility Managers *Plant security in charge
* Security vendors and houses * Security General Managers
From the following Industries:
*Aerospace/Aviation *Banking
*Civil Service *Computers and Electronics
*Construction *Critical National Infrastructure
*Defense Industries Sites *Energy Utilities
*Government *Higher Educational Institutes
*Hotels, Hospitality and Leisure *Logistics
*Manufacturing *Media
*Mining *Oil and Gas/Petrochemicals
*Police *Ports
*Property Management *Public Transport
*Retail *Security Service Providers
*Sports *Telecommunications
*Super Governmental (ICC and OSCE) *Water Utilities

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