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Tunnels Europe 2010

Added by YunShi1 on 2010-07-05

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2010-09-28
Last Date Last Day: 2010-09-29

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Yun Shi
Email Email:
Address Address: Location: Venue to be Confirmed, Budapest, Hungary
Phone Tel: +44 (0)20 7368 9300
Phone Fax: +44 (0)20 7368 9301

Conference Description:

Due to the overwhelming success of IQPCs Tunnels and Underground Construction in Dubai, Singapore and Australia, IQPC Europe is proud to announce this global event has come to Europe.
The inaugural Tunnels and Underground Construction Europe will showcase best practices in design and engineering of tunnels and underground spaces through a variety of case studies, presented by project directors and construction managers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn critical information that you can implement in your current and future projects.
Who will I meet at Tunnels and Underground Construction?
Tunnels and Underground Construction Europe will bring together experts from the construction industry, asset owners and consulting engineers to give you a complete overview of projects from start to finish. You will take advantage of the networking and benchmarking opportunities to establish strategic contacts with project sponsors and planners.
Why is Tunnels and Underground Construction Important to me?
2010 presents unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the construction industry and in particular project managers. If implementing best practice designs and ground investigations while delivering your project on time and on budget is important to you, then you simply must attend.
IQPC has developed a programme with your challenges in mind and is sure to further your knowledge in a number of key areas and more importantly give you access to some of the best minds with-in the tunnel design and construction industry in Europe.
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