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The FDA Tripod - Clinical Trial Regulations, Compliance and GCP in Drug Development

Added by Referral on 2010-07-15

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2010-10-05
Last Date Last Day: 2010-10-05

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: admin
Email Email:
Address Address: 2600 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94303, United States
Phone Tel: 650-620-3915
Phone Fax: 650-963-2556

Conference Description:

This GCP training Webinar will discuss the principals of GCP, the regulations pertaining to it and elements necessary for FDA compliance.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

- Discuss the FDAs role in Drug Development.
- Principles of GCP.
- Activities that are common to most trials.
- Summarize FDA GCP regulations.
- Recognize how GCP impacts the clinical research process.
- Prepare concise documents and provide.
- Necessary information for clinical studies compliance.
- Maintain ongoing compliance.

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