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Jahan 1414 - World 2035 Conference: Converging Technologies for Improving Human Dignity

Added by hamgara on 2012-09-27

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2012-12-05
Last Date Last Day: 2012-12-06
Deadline for abstracts/proposals Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2012-11-15

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Parishad
Email Email:
Address Address: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Phone Tel: +982196669242
Phone Fax: +982122657124

Conference Description:

Almost a decade into the new millennium, new images of the future that may be consequence of the development of emerging technologies are so tremendous and remarkable that no creative mind could have imagined a century ago. Development and expansion of human knowledge in molecular and atomic dimensions, alongside the increasing understanding of the inner cognitive mechanisms in living organisms and biological structures with the information revolution in the last two decades of the twentieth century, which has brought forth a drastic change to the upcoming future that may not have been speculated a continuation of the past. Obviously, we are experiencing a disconnection between the past and the future.

This change is undoubtedly the result of technologies developed, and what has brought about a fundamental change to mankind future is the causal potential and power of various emerging technologies compared to the previous ones. In the past, most technologies were based on our understanding of the mechanisms in mass scales. Being able to expand our knowledge to molecular and atomic structures utilizing the causative power of nature in fundamental levels, technologies have been more powerful and more complicated leaving a profound impact.

Three major movements have been witnessed throughout the civilization, in the following areas: agricultural, industrial and post-industrial, and as the names suggest, they have all been the products of the development of technology that has been the driving force behind the human civilization. Technologies fulfill the non-cognitive needs of the man and exert their influence on human society via different mechanisms. Although technologies do not directly affect the human cognitive system, but by creating proper tools that contribute to the development of human dignity, they have an undeniable effect on knowledge and value system.

Although technology as a whole can be claimed to be devoid of essence, on the other hand technologies and the way we make use of their concealed causal potential is a function of the values of the inventor, this could not be interpreted in a way that all the effects and consequences of a technology are predictable and planned in advance. The more complex technologies become, in the other words the lower level of causal potential they are in, the possibility of applying them to the areas which they had not been intended by the creator, becomes more feasible. In addition, undesirable and unexpected side effects increase and become more complicated as well.

The converging technologies along with their new and unique features and special capabilities, by taking advantage of the available resources, have made new revolution happen in various fields of technologies. Right from the beginning of the new millennium, this fact has drawn considerable attention from developed countries, the United States and the countries of European Union. Many scientists, philosophers and sociologists firmly believe that future of human and human civilization will be fundamentally affected by field of converging technologies. They go even so far as to prognosticate that scientific and technological revolution of converging technologies results in 4th wave of human civilization.

Converging technologies usually refer to the combination of four disciplines namely: Nano, Bio-, Information technology and Cognitive science which in synergy and cohesion can provide a response to various needs, in a way other technologies so far known to man have not made it happen. This irreplaceable feature of converging technologies is the result of viewing material in atomic dimensions. The expansion of cognitive and physical abilities of human, together with improvement of the overall quality of life for human to obtain solutions for age-old questions and dilemmas, has brought forth on human society a new era. Accordingly, major cultural and social changes are expected to occur.The prospects of such changes are so tremendous and essential. To name but a few, the followings can be mentioned:

1- Expanding the human art of understanding and communications

2- Improving the overall quality of human physical health and ability

3- Strengthening the productivity of social and group activities.

4- Improving national security.

5- Unification of science and education

6- And finally creation of post-human

Recognition of such changes, specifically their proportion to the established value system of humans , Challenges and opportunities ahead, are a kind of nature that will cause a considerable loss in case negligence particularly for the countries such as Iran that are not in the base of creating such technologies. Care must be taken when encountering the rigorous momentums caused by this sort of technologies. Development of emerging technologies has brought about different perspectives for future of humanity and mankind civilization. This also serves as a perfect opportunity for the policy makers of our nation, to plan ahead and be well prepared to deal with all the possible consequence and gauge their level of readiness and focus on the best possible solutions.

Our vision for hosting the conference “Jahan1414” was partially based on the agenda that has been laid out with an emphasis on enhancement of human performance and transcendence of humanity. We believe that the converging technologies play an integral role in how our societies will shape in the future, and we even predict that Iran will have to face more dramatic and intense changes than those in western societies. We will have important choices to make, once we fully realize the beginning of the 4th wave of human civilization. Keeping up with western civilizations in applying these innovations and changes, and finding the right and proper usage for them, will be a huge challenge. Approaches to such phenomenon are not the same everywhere. There at least two different points of view towards the converging technologies. For instance North Americans believe implementing such convergence should be given precedence over the impacts it will have on the society. Through this reductionist perspective, the convergence is prior to fulfilling the needs of humanity, and after which the converging technologies will serve to fulfill various requirements of humans mainly to satisfy individual needs and going to promote the sense of individuality. On the other hand, the EU takes on a rather different view, and places more emphasis on meeting the societal needs. Furthermore, this view can be more appreciated when we realize that ultimately what is important is the betterment of human lives, which will be the result of the above-mentioned technological convergence. In the European approach, implementing the converging technologies will never assume priority over meeting and taking care of human needs.

The dominant theme of the conference will be centered on the conversations and exchanges of ideas that discuss and address various challenges and their pertinent solutions. Recognizing that converging technologies will exert a more fundamental impact on human beings rather than the surrounding environment, the focus will be on talking about how these changes will affect humans, their capabilities and strengths and weaknesses, the future of our civilization, and the possibility of creation of Super-human; here are some of the questions that will be addressed:

1- Converging technologies, quiddity and reasoning

2- Converging technologies and enhancement of human performance.

3- Converging technologies and the future of hygiene and health.

4- Converging technologies and the future of awareness and education.

5- Converging technologies and the 4th wave of human civilization.

6- Converging technologies and Strategy of scientific and technological development

7- Converging technologies and national security.

8- Converging technologies and Cultural and ethical challenges.

9- Converging technologies and human’s future.

10- Post-humanity, possibility, quiddity and how
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