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8th Annual Conflict Prevention, Peacekeeping & Stability

Added by ddrey on 2012-10-22

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2013-02-11
Last Date Last Day: 2013-02-13

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: David Drey
Email Email:
Address Address: TBA, Washington, DC, United States
Phone Tel: 416-800-2481

Conference Description:

This event is unclassified. The global landscape, as it pertains to conflict prevention, peacekeeping and stability operations, is changing. As a result, many questions surround the future of US engagement amidst a struggling global economy and a need to strengthen both capacity and partnerships to keep supplying the humanitarian aid necessary for security. This premier marcus evans conference will bring together government and industry leaders to spend considerable time dialoguing about what it all means, where things are headed and the role of each actor to stimulate progress, move towards greater cost-efficiency and transfer responsibility and capabilities to locals.

In addition to benefiting from a dynamic presentation format consisting of workshops, panel discussions and case studies, attendees will experience:

- Interactive Conference Sessions
- 20 case study driven briefings
- 10-15 Minutes of Q&A Time After Each Presentation- Providing an opportunity to address specific questions and concerns affecting you
- 4+ Hours of Networking
- Online Access to Materials Post-Event - Convenient reference to content back at your office to discuss with colleagues
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