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The Corporate Director's Fiduciary Role and Management's Relationship

Added by Referral on 2013-02-22

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2013-03-18
Last Date Last Day: 2013-03-18

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Referral
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Address Address: 2600 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, California, 94303, United States
Phone Tel: +1-650-620-3915
Phone Fax: +1-650-963-2556

Conference Description:

This training on corporate risk management oversight will highlight the evolving role of today’s Corporate Board Director and the need for risk management extending past management established Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and GRC processes.

Why Should You Attend:

Having an active, strong and communicative Board of Directors who place proper focus on risk management and compliance initiatives is now considered the expected norm for all companies, irrespective of their classification as a public, private, not-for-profit or other entity. Understanding of a Director’s fiduciary duty extends far beyond the CEO and CFO. It is imperative that compliance, risk, audit and legal personnel as well as an extension of senior management know the requirements that Directors are held to. This knowledge provides further transparency and information sharing into the corporate governance veil.

This session on effective risk management processes will look at how increased regulatory scrutiny and compliance requirements have impacted the ways in which the board and the management must execute their fiduciary role to meet the expectations of shareholders, customers and communities. We will also focus on the critical topic of communication link between the board, management, internal and external auditors as well as the corporate culture as a whole.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

This webinar on risk management process will discuss the following topics:

- Recent governance scandals
- Risk management expectations and oversight role of management and the board
- Expected corporate governance principles and managements roles
- Managing communications and relations with the Board
- Top ten priorities directors should focus on in 2013 and key takeaway areas:

*Role in enterprise-wide risk management, including all facets of the company's risk profile
*Responsibilities to monitor legislative developments and prepare for more government regulation
*Involvement in corporate strategy establishment

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