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EFV Annual Meeting

Added by cimpco on 2010-09-02

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2010-09-29
Last Date Last Day: 2010-09-30

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Dani Bersinska
Email Email:
Address Address: Sofia, Crystal Palace Hotel, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

Conference Description:

The EFV is the federation of national premanufactured building associations in Europe. Today the federation consists of the eight national members Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland.
This year Bulgaria and Bulgarian Association of Premanufactured Building have the honour to be a host to EFV Annual Meeting.

The main topics will be:
- education;
- earth quake safety;
- fire resistance;
- eurocodes;
- sustainability.

For more information: ng-annual-meeting-EFV
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