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Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts Master Class

Added by rueburnliang on 2013-08-29

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2013-10-28
Last Date Last Day: 2013-10-31

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Rueburn Liang
Email Email:
Address Address: JM Apart Hotel, Grzybowska 45, 00-844 Warszawa, Warsaw, 00-844, Poland
Phone Tel: +65 6557 9230
Phone Fax: +65 6557 9188

Conference Description:

Effective training in today’s global gas and LNG market has become an essential need for relevant executives in both the public and private sectors. The worldwide market in Pipeline Gas and LNG has grown rapidly as result of demand and deregulation, bringing tremendous business opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders including government entities, producers, sellers, transporters and buyers etc. High contract value, complicated commercial terms, volatile prices, cultural differences and many other unpredicted risks have made contract negotiating, dispute resolution and risk management more and more challenging.

In response to such industry dynamics, this advanced course provides practical and detailed training, in workshop format, and provides effective guidance in the critical considerations and conditions for successfully concluding Gas and LNG Sales Agreements. The course will enable participants to gain an insight into the way in which Buyers and Sellers view and negotiate Gas and LNG Sales Agreements, and will give participants a detailed understanding of the terms that are important in these transactions.

The course goes on to examine the inherent risks in a Gas or LNG Project, and how these risks are addressed within the Gas and LNG Sales Agreement. Risk assessment is a complex issue, and this course examines it from a commercial perspective, looking at the project structure and identifying how the commercial terms deal with risk in a satisfactory manner.

Based upon a composite of recent contracts, a case study approach highlights all the issues addressed in such contracts, and examines the various alternative means of handling them. It encourages a participative workshop approach and is highlighted by a detailed examination of 1) the terms of recently concluded gas and LNG Sales contracts; and 2) the Risk Matrix of an entire project showing the balance and interaction between its various elements.

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For full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to Please indicate subject title "Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts”.

Key Course Benefits

This premier training course has been successfully held since 1994. Presented by a leading firm in Gas and LNG transactions, the course is immensely popular and well attended. It has grown to be held in Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg, Perth and Trinidad, and altogether is training in excess of 180 executives in the industry every year. Companies that have participated in the previous rounds of this course include virtually all of the major oil and gas companies.

For full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to Please indicate subject title "Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts”.

Who Should Attend

All those involved in gas/LNG production, purchase, transportation and sales, including
§ Government Officials
§ Negotiators
§ Project Owners
§ Project Managers
§ Project Engineers/Planning Engineers
§ Operation Managers
§ Contract/Agreements Managers/Specialists
§ Finance Controllers/Managers
§ Business Development Managers
§ E&P Professionals/Managers
§ Geologist
§ Corporate & Administration Professionals
§ Buyers, Sellers & Distributors
§ Traders
§ Investors
§ Lawyers /Advisors
§ Auditors
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