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Pratical Geostatistics & Mineral Resource Estimation Master Class

Added by rueburnliang on 2013-11-18

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2014-04-07
Last Date Last Day: 2014-04-11

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Contact Person Contact Person: Rueburn Liang
Email Email:
Address Address: Pmb Ct 97 Cantonment, Accra, Ghana, Accra, Ghana
Phone Tel: 6565579166

Conference Description:

Practical Geostatistics and Mineral Resource Estimation Master Class
7th – 11th April 2014, Accra Ghana

A comprehensive and up to date training course that will prepare and equip you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to accurately estimate and evaluate mineral resource based on practical methods that has been proven worldwide

Mineral Resources and their subsequent conversion to Ore Reserves are of key importance to mining companies. Their reliable estimation is critical to both the confidence in a feasibility study, and also to the day-to-day operation of a mine. Any company expecting to make sound investment or operational decisions must base the resource estimation on both relevant and reliable information.

Responding to our past delegates feedback and request of extending our Master Class, we are happy to bring you a 5 days Master Class in Geostatistics and Mineral Resource Estimation instead of the normal 4 days. We hope that this will add value to our delegates and enable them to solve the practical issues that they face in the field of geostatistics/mineral resource estimation.
This 5-day course will consist of two parts:-
Part 1 – Practical Geostatistics Workshop (2 days)
The first 2 days of the course will cover the practical aspect of Geostatistics. It will bring the delegates to in-depth understanding of the mysteries of ordinary kriging and its variants. This is a classroom course and includes manual exercises to reinforce understanding of the techniques. This composed of lectures augmented by practical PC/laptop-based exercises covering many different applications.
Case studies ranging from coal through base metals and iron ore to precious metals such as gold and platinum will be covered. All case studies are drawn from Dr Clark's extensive worldwide experience.
Participants are advised to bring a laptop.
Part 2 – Mineral Resource Estimation Master Class (3 days)

Participants in this Master Class are expected to be conversant with Geostatisticals procedures or at least completed Practical Geostatistics Workshop.

Participants are invited to contribute discussion and ideas from their own practical experiences and to bring their own data for preliminary analysis during and after the workshop.

The workshop is aimed at professionals who are interested in discussing the real world application of resource estimation techniques.
Using little or no mathematics, we will discuss case studies involving interpretation of everyday questions, such as:
• Is my data homogeneous enough for geostatistical mapping?
• Do I have trends in my data and (if so) what kind?
• How do I interpret semi-variograms which deviate from the ideal shapes?
• What Kriging method should I use (if any)?
• Should I be using Kriging results at all?

Presentations will explain the underlying assumptions of resource estimation, the techniques currently used in the real world, the advantages and limitations of such techniques and the decision processes which underlie a successful resource or reserve estimation.
Participants are advised to bring a laptop.

For full agenda, event brochure and registration details; please email us your detail contact information to . Please indicate subject title “Practical Geostatistics & Mineral Resource Estimation”.

This course is specially structured into 2 part and 10 sessions

Part 1: Practical Geostatistics Workshop (2 days)

• The basic assumptions of spatial estimation methods
• Inverse Distance interpolation methods
• Classical statistics: the Normal distribution

Statistical Methods
• The lognormal distribution
• Confidence levels
• Standard errors
• Grade/tonnage curves
• Construction and interpretation of semi-variograms
• Identification of trends
• Multi-component models
• Confirmation of basic assumptions
• Outliers

Geostatistical Methods
• The experimental semi-variogram
• Modelling semi-variograms
• Trends
• Anisotropy
• Geological features
• Variations on kriging
• Lognormal methods
• Indicator methods
• Non-linear geostatistics
• Regression problems (conditional bias)
• Simulation

Case Studies and discussions on your own data (BYO)

Part 2: Mineral Resources Estimation Master Class (3 days)

In Part 2 of this course you will be working on YOUR own data. This will be a BYO session preliminary study of real data sets and open discussion guided by participants’ interests and previous Q&A sessions.

Based on participants’ interests we can go in-depth to the following topics:
1. Basic assumptions and requirements for mineral resource estimation
2. Data validation, top-cuts and capping
3. Construction, interpretation and modelling of semi-variograms
4. Model validation and reconciliation with geological knowledge
5. Geostatistical resource estimation, 3D and block modelling and Kriging
6. Other Kriging techniques, such as MIK and Lognormal Kriging
7. Discussion covering the advantages/limitations of different estimation methods
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