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Compliance with The European Medicines Agency reflection paper

Added by Referral on 2011-01-19

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-02-08

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Contact Person Contact Person: admin
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Address Address: 2600 E. Bayshore Road, Online Event,Palo Alto, CA, 94303, United States
Phone Tel: 650-620-3915
Phone Fax: 650-963-2556

Conference Description:

This webinar will help you understand the compliance requirements concerning EMA reflection paper on e-source data (EMA/INS/GCP/454280/2010).

Why Should You Attend:
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has adopted a reflection paper on GCP inspectors’ expectations for e-source data (EMA/INS/GCP/454280/2010). The paper, which came into effect on 1 August 2010, outlines the current opinion of the EU GCP Inspectors Working Group on the use of electronic data capture in clinical trials and on related inspections. This reflection paper is very consistent with the FDA‘s most recent guidance on computerized systems. The 12 principles described in the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) e-SDI Group publication ‘CDISC Standards and Electronic Source Data within Clinical Trials are key requirements of the reflection paper.

These enhanced requirements reflected in the reflection paper are part of the strict regulations now in force in the European Community. Attend this session to get an overview of the e-source compliance areas covered by this important document.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

Understand the CDISC standards which are internationally applicable and consistent with ICH GCP.
Review the requirements/protocols for systems used to capture source data.
Discussion on the requirements form records of change control and validation.
The general principles outlined for the creation, modification and transfer of data.
Ensure that data must be time-/date-stamped when they are created or generated.
Audit Requirement.
Responsibility of the sponsor.
Requirements for investigator access.
How to ensure how the investigator to maintain the original source.
The source document allows for accurate copies to be made, and that the process should ensure that the copy is precise and preserved for the audit trail.

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