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6th International China Pharmaceutical R&D Summit

Added by ritap on 2011-01-25

Conference Dates:

Start Date Start Date: 2011-04-11
Last Date Last Day: 2011-04-13

Conference Contact Info:

Contact Person Contact Person: Rita Parasurum
Email Email:
Address Address: Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Phone Tel: 6565082401
Phone Fax: 6565082407

Conference Description:

IBC-BayHelix China Pharmaceutical R&D Summit 2011 announce a never-before line-up of over 80 speakers from international pharma, MNCs in China, and domestic Chinese pharma/biotech will be sharing their expert opinions and experiences on transformation and innovation in China, clinical challenges, regulatory updates, NCE discovery efforts, preclinical partnerships, biosimilars development and more.

Enhanced Format – New Content – 3 Focused Conferences :
Clinical & Regulatory Summit Discovery to Preclinical Development & Partnerships Biologics & Biosimilars

Registration for the event includes access to all 3 conference sessions as well as the opportunity to attend the shared sessions and networking breaks to meet with other executives and scientists at the event.
Conference Highlights:

Clinical & Regulatory Summit
º Understand the Regulatory Environment in China
• Hear from a tuned-in clinical CRO on the changing Chinese regulatory system; a US company’s insight on conducting global trials in Asia’s dynamic regulatory environment; and a leading consultant’s strategy to bring Chinese-originated drugs and biologics to US market
º Benefit from these Tried & Proven Clinical Strategies and Case Studies
• FIH Study in China: from IND Application to Study Completion
• Getting Ready for Global Trials in China
• Conducting Health Economics & Outcomes Research in China
• Developing Risk Management Plan in Clinical Trials
• Bridging China Data with Global Data – Global Simultaneous Development
• Trials & Tribulations of Starting Clinical Trials in a New Geographic Region

Discovery to Preclinical Development & Partnerships:
º Hear the Latest in NCE Development from these Domestic Chinese Companies:
• HEC Pharma Group, Ascentage Pharma, IMPACT Therapeutics, Sunwei Therapeutics, Argusina Shanghai, Nanjing Changao Pharmaceutical, Luye Pharma Group and TOT Shanghai
º Get Exciting Partnering Strategies and Updates from:
• Roche, Simcere Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Fosun Pharmaceutical , Synta Pharmaceuticals, DCB Taiwan, GSK and Eli Lilly

Biologics & Biosimilars Development
º Hear Rarely-Told Stories of China’s Biologics Development
• History Of Licartin – a I-131 Labeled Anti-CD147 Launched in China for Liver Cancer
• EGFR mAb – a 10-Year Development Effort
• A 10-year Development History of Etanercept in China
• TPO – an Innovative Biopharmaceutical Product in China
• Interleukin-7 Receptor: A New Therapeutic Target for Biological Approach
• Developing Oral Insulin in China – Experiences and Lessons
º Learn from Success Stories of Large Molecule Development from Around the World
• Alternatives to Antibodies – High Affinity Mirror-Image Oligonucleotides
• Story of Agenix: from XenoMouse to Panitumumab and Beyond
• Development of Cell Therapy in China
• Peptide Therapeutics in China
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