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The Historiography of Islamic Art - CFP

Call for Papers: The Historiography of Islamic Art Journal of Art Historiography

The editors seek submissions for a dedicated issue of the Journal of Art Historiography, inviting current research that reflects on and engages with the history and present state of the discipline of Islamic art history itself. Research predicated on material from any historical period and geographical area of the Islamic world is welcomed, provided the study also makes a conscious and sustained engagement with its own parameters. The study of Islamic art and architecture and its position within the wider disciplines of both Art History and Middle Eastern Studies has been under considerable scrutiny in recent years. An exponential increase in the volume of scholarship being conducted on Middle Eastern visual culture in the last decade in particular has left practitioners and observers alike seeking to understand the history of the discipline in addition to the histories of the objects it propounds. At this juncture, with new publications and dedicated exhibitions seeking to extend the historiographic discourse, the time is right for an interrogation of our field, from the intellectual legacies of earlier scholarship to current strands and future directions.

As the Journal of Art Historiography is published electronically, this issue has the facility to include relevant supplementary documentation. Therefore, in addition to articles, the editors also seek translations of interesting or landmark material into English, documents (meaning vital material that has been published in places that are not easily accessible electronically), topic-related bibliographies, notes, book reviews and suggestions of books for review.

Possible strands for examination include, but are by no means limited to:
Legacies of connoisseurship
The role of the collector
Relationships between academia, museums and the art market
The shifting status of objects and material culture
Hierarchies of arts and the place of the "minor" and "decorative"
Postcolonial studies and the subaltern voice
Problematising the terms "Islamic" and "Art"

Please send abstracts of articles (c. 500 words) and/ or proposals for notes, documents, reviews and translations to Moya Carey and Margaret Graves by 1st October 2010. Following acceptance, full texts (including all images and permissions) are to be submitted by 1st September 2011, for publication in the December 2011 edition of the journal. The editors will act as peer reviewers for the issue and will operate within the Peer Review Guidelines.

Further information for authors, the journal's mission statement, editorial board and previous issues can be found on the website:

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