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How do I update my conference details at WCC?

To update your conference details at WCC, you need to sign in with your user name and password you created while posting your conference. Here are detailed instructions:

1. Log in by clicking on the Sign In link at the top of the WCC home page and by entering your user name and password.
2. You’ll see Edit Profile page. If you don’t want to change your password, click Save.
3. This will take you to Conferences by Category page. You can either browse by the categories or do a search to find the conference that you previously posted to WCC. Or you can go to the home page to start from there.
4. Once you find your conference click on the link to go to the conference details page.
5. If this is a conference that you added, “Update” and “Delete” options should appear next to the title of the conference.
6. Click on the Update link and this will bring you a screen just like you were creating the event at the first place.
7. Once made all the necessary updates, scroll down to the bottom and click “Save” button.
8. You should see a message saying “Update Successful”.
9. You can once more click on the conference link to confirm the updates.
10.If you are satisfied, click on the “Sign Out” link at the top and you are done. 
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